April Fools’

April Fools’ is a dangerous holiday. You wake up in the morning and creep from your bed, tiptoeing as if you’re walking through a minefield. At the call of the April Fools’ moon, all the pranksters emerge out of their caves and change into an extreme version of themselves. Mischievous rascals love it and gullible victims groan as they realize what day it is. Unfortunately, I’ve never really celebrated the holiday. Growing up, my family never really did that. Plus, I would always forget what day it was and miss it. But this year, I decided to change that. Knowing my family would be unsuspecting, I decided to go full out on this year’s April Fools’.

Waking up at 2 AM, I began setting up my preparations. First, I poured suckers over the stairs next to a sign saying, “April Fools’ Suckers!”. This prank was a simple greeting to make them aware of what was going on.

April Fools' Suckers

My second prank took a lot more effort but was definitely worth it. I covered my office room in sticky notes. I used about ten packages of sticky notes from the dollar store and spent a long hour and a half setting up (keep in mind, I was doing all of this at two in the morning, so it felt way worse than it actually was).

April Fools' sticky notes

This next prank was my favorite. I started preparing for this one about a week and half prior. I had to buy the items early enough that no one would suspect what they were for. For this prank, I filled my downstairs bathroom completely with balloons. I used over two hundred balloons. I blew up about twenty balloons a day and had to store them in my closet until April Fools’. The balloons were a pain to store and hide but there was no way I was blowing up two hundred balloons in one day!

April Fools' balloons April Fools' pranks

The rest of my pranks were much more subtle. I replaced all my family photos with pictures from Lord of the Rings and large framed pictures with Lord of the Rings posters.
April Fools' prank

I also made my family dinner. This was a fun prank to pull. I made a teeny tiny meal. All the food was served on Barbie size tea sets. Nothing was bigger than a quarter.

April Fools' tiny meal

First, I made a mini salad. All I did to make this was cut up tiny bits of lettuce, carrots, mushrooms, etc.

Next, I made enchiladas. To make these, I cut small circles out of quesadillas. Rolling up the mini quesadillas, I covered them in hot sauce from Taco Bell. I didn’t want to make actual enchilada sauce and hot sauce worked fine for the coloring. After rolling them, I sprinkled on some thinly shredded cheese. Then, I actually put them in the oven for five minutes. I wanted them to look as realistic as possible.
April Fools' mini food

Following the enchiladas, I made fries. I made them just like regular fries except cut really itty-bitty tiny.
April Fools' tiny fries

I had way too much fun making these.
April Fools' food prank

Tiny taco

When I called my family in, they were all ecstatic because they could smell all the tantalizing the food. When they sat down, they were shocked to find tiny meals set at each of their places. It was hilarious.

So April Fools’ brought a lot of mischievous excitement to my house this year. After laboring through the night, it was fun to wake up to gasps and laughter. But I think this is the last year I’ll be pranking anybody. Probably… Ehehe.

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