Caution Tape Bow

Ahhhh. It’s that time of year again. The leaves are finally starting to change colors, the air is getting that crisp, chill feeling, and it’s getting dark earlier. So what does that mean? No more mowing the lawn? Comfy sweaters and boots? Fresh apples and pumpkin pie? Yes to all! But in regards to crafting, it means the stores are stocking up on their Halloween items. Halloween is the best holiday to stock up on nerdy items and cosplay essentials. All the costume makeup, elf ears, perfect! So as I was exploring my Dollar Store’s Halloween section, I was thrilled to find caution tape. As as crime show addict (Sherlock, IZombie, Psych, The Mentalist, etc.), I’ve always wondered what I could do with crime scene tape. I was ecstatic to find they had 30 feet of caution tape for a dollar. The best part? They also had red zombie caution tape. Yes, you read correctly. Zombie caution tape. So awesome.


So to show off my nerdy pride, I decided to find a way I could wear the caution tape with any casual outfit. That’s when I decided to make a quick and easy hair bow. It takes five minutes tops and looks super cute!

To make the bow, cut about a foot of the caution tape. Fold both ends in half so they are touching each other. Then cut a small piece of masking tape and wrap it around the middle of the tape, shaping it into the chic bow style. You can use either a bobby pin or other hair clip and just slide it under the tape. And voila! You now have a nerdy CSI hair bow.

Caution Tape Bow

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