Comic Book Heels

Comic book heels

When I was messing around Pinterest, I found that people were making Comic Book Heels. I thought they were fantastic but didn’t believe I could make them. So I moved on. But since then, they have stayed in the back of my mind. Recently, I bought a Comic Book that I ended up hating. It was too gory for me and I was horrified. Not by the comic book, but the fact that I didn’t like it. Me, not enjoying a comic book. I couldn’t just throw it away! Sacrilege! Then I remembered the comic book heels and decided to give making them a go. I feel like they turned out beautiful and were fairly simple to make. So here is my very simple tutorial.

First, I started by cutting out strips and pictures that I liked out of the comic. Then I used modge podge to glue the pictures onto the shoes. I applied the modge podge lightly but did many layers. I smoothed out any air bubbles in the shoes as I glued and continued until the shoes were filled. The shoes are not indestructible, but have lasted a year for me and are still in good condition. As you wear the shoes, they will stretch and you will occasionally have to reapply modge podge. Also to keep my shoes in good condition, I have occasionally replaced the older strips that had become worn with newer ones. But I have loved them! They are so fun and they only cost $5 to make, all you need is a cheap comic book and thrift store heels.


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