I’m A Comic Book Fan

Ever since I was little, I have wanted to paint my walls. I’m sure it’s a common dream, to grab a paintbrush and just let loose on this giant canvas. There’s something about painting your room that makes you feel… open. You are painting a piece of you to be seen by anyone who ever enters your home. That is empowering. But at the same time, you are painting a piece of you to be seen by anyone who ever enters your home. That means it has to be good. Hence why I have never painted my walls. But the dream remains. So this week I found a way to add my artistic flair on a smaller scale. I decided to paint my ceiling fan. Kinda.

If you haven’t realized yet, modge podge and comic books are one of my favorite styles and projects. I love how different images can combine so perfectly in a collage, as if they were meant to be together. For my fan, I decided to use comic books and modge podge.

comic book fan

To do this, I first had to take the blades down. Then I cut out pieces and strips from an old comic book. Then I arranged them how I wanted them and began gluing them down with modge podge. After letting it dry, I went over the strips with a second coat of modge podge and smoothed out any bubbles in the paper.

fan 2


I let the blades dry for several days before putting them back on the fan. I was worried that the comic strips would peel and come off from the force of spinning, but it’s worked well. It adds a subtle nerdy touch to the fan.   

I leave two blades blank because I would like to actually paint those blades. I have plans to paint them as Captain America’s shield. It just happened yet. When I finish that, I’ll post and updated tutorial of it.

ceiling fan

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