Marvel Wood Board Decor

From the outside, my room looks just like an ordinary bedroom. As Ackbar would say, “It’s a trap!” It looks like a typical room but as soon as you walk in, you realize, with horror, you have walked into the abode of a fangirl. You try to escape but it’s too late. Your heart is racing. Encounters with fangirls in the wild are one thing, but confronting one in it’s own territory is suicide. You see the tumblr page open on the laptop on the bed, the pikachu stuffed animal next to it, the Tardis cookie jar, Sherlock poster, dinosaur bedspread, lightsaber lamp, Eowyn’s sword, and the BOOKS. So many books… Your life flashes before your eyes as your gaze finally lands one the fangirl. She is rocking to and fro, moaning “Sherlock”. Luckily, her frazzled fangirl emotions distract her and you manage to flee from the room. The room of a fangirl is a frightening thing indeed.

Thus is my room. It is filled with geeky posters and memorabilia. In my search to become the ultimate nerd to rule them all,  I am continually acquiring new items to decorate my room with. I’ve spent way too much time on ThinkGeek and Etsy, eyeing the nerdy things I can’t afford. This has led me to create lots of decor for my room. My latest was a Marvel wood board sign.

To make this, I took a 3×4 board cut to twelve inches and painted it a creme color. Then I modge podged comic book strips onto it and arranged them how I wanted them. It was really simple. The only difficult aspect was cutting the comic books to fit correctly. But overall, the project only took about 45 minutes. So it is very easy and looks gorgeous! The board is now sitting on my bookshelf, clearly showing off my nerd pride.

Marvel board

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