Spy Birthday Party

You know your younger sister is awesome when she says she wants a spy themed birthday party. Not a princess party, or a mermaid party, but a spy party. Princess parties are great but I’m so proud she wanted a spy party. :)

If you want to throw your own spy birthday party, here’s a layout of how I did mine.


For the invitations, I bought manila envelopes from the Dollar Store and wrote the classic “Top Secret” on them. Then for the inside, I designed a mission briefing (Your mission, if you choose to accept it…) with the time and address of the party.

spy birthday party


  • Spot the Difference- I compiled a large amount of items that fit the spy theme. I used sunglasses, magnifying glass, bow tie, grappling hook (I can’t believe I actually have access to this. It was given to my brother as a present. So nerdy…),  fake money, briefcase, handcuffs, rope, etc. Then I put all the items on a table and the kids got thirty seconds to look at the items. They then had to see how many of the items they could remember. Whoever had the most items got a prize.
  • Disguise Relay- I placed two piles of costumes and put the kids into two lines. Each line would send the first person to run and dress into the costume. Then they would take the costume off as fast as they could and send the next person. The first line to finish wins.
  • Hot Potato with a Bomb- We played hot potato but we played with a time bomb. To make the bomb, I took three paint rollers and wrapped them in a red plastic table cover. I had planned on using red tissue paper, but the dollar store didn’t carry it so I used a plastic table cover which worked well.

time bomb

So I used this to play Hot Potato. You could also hide it and see how long it takes for the kids to find it before it “explodes”.

time bomb diy

  • Spy Training- First for their spy training, the kids got to pick their own code names which we put on a lanyard. They then were instructed by Agent Scarlett (me) on the fundamentals of being a spy. They learned how to decode secret messages, how to make a disguise, and how to read fingerprints.  To complete their spy training they had to finish an obstacle course. The best part of the obstacle course was the red strings taped to the walls like lasers.
  • Airsoft Guns- The most memorable part of being a spy is shooting and taking out the bad guys. So of course, we had to do that too! I put up a target had the kids shoot airsoft guns in the backyard. They loved it.

The Highlight: While they were playing games, I went and hid all the present in preset places, leaving a string of clues. When it was time to open presents, the kids were shocked to see that all the presents had disappeared, with only a from the evil Dr. Vanshmooten left behind. The kids followed each clue until they had found all the presents. The clues were all in different forms. Some were written backwards and had to be looked at in a mirror to be deciphered, some were written in hieroglyphs with a key, and some were riddles. My favorite clues were written in invisible ink. I bought an invisible ink pen that uses a uv ray light to be read and it works so perfectly. The kids (and me) loved shining the light on and reading the hidden messages. I may or may not have drawn on my desk in invisible ink after finding that it works on different surfaces…

Goodie Bags:

As a kid, my favorite part of birthday parties was always the goodie bags. There was no way I was skipping out on them.

When I was shopping at Dollar Store, I saw groom’s wedding favor boxes and I was so excited. They fit the James Bond Spy theme perfectly.

spy birthday party

But I did add a variation to them. I cut out and put “Bond” on the side in red letters to make the connection to James Bond a little more obvious. I put black sunglasses and candy in each of the boxes.

spy birthday party


I thought the party turned out great. The kids had a lot of fun and I had fun planning everything. Plus, as the spy instructor, I got to dress like a spy. ;)


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