Star War Sneakers



These Star Wars sneakers were incredibly simple. I loved how they turned out! The night before May the 4th (Star Wars day-May the 4th be with you), I was throwing together my geeky attire for the day. I had an old pair of white shoes that I decided to spruce up for the occasion. I painted the shoes using the same paint and style I did with my Tardis sneakers. They turned out fantastic and were so easy. They were finished in about 25 minutes.

Star wars shoes

One of my favorite things about wearing nerdy shoes is they are subtle. I can dress in a fancy outfit but still add my small nerdy touch. Unless it’s May the 4th on which nothing is subtle. For May the 4th, I was wearing a Star Wars t-shirt, watch, shoes, necklace, earings, and yes, even Princess Leia hair. Star Wars day is certainly a beautiful thing indeed.  :)


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