Story Time

Whenever I’m reading a book, usually when I’m about halfway through, I’ll suddenly stop and think, “I wonder what kind of person this author is?” I’ll then flip to the back of the book, looking for an author bio. When there is one, it’s generally the disappointing, “This author lives in Arizona with his wife and three kids. His favorite past time, other than writing, is walking his dog.” Okay, that’s great, but what else? When you’ve spent hours reading and delving into a story, you get curious about who created that world. You wonder about what makes them laugh, if their writing comes from experience, does the author have a phobia of spiders? I guess maybe it’s good to not know since it can taint the story. For example, reading a gushy romance novel and then seeing that the book was written by a seventh grade health teacher. Kind of ruins it. But in a blog or a website, a live site that’s constantly changing, I think you need to know more about the author. Because of that, I have Story Time. I will post stories from my life that I deem funny or nerdy enough. That way you’re not sitting there wondering, “How would she react to coming across a rattlesnake?” And that leads me into our first Story Time. Once upon a time….