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notebook 6One of my latest projects is one I’ve been having a lot of fun with. As a writer, I go through notebooks like a girl after a breakup goes through ice cream. I always have a notebook with me. Notebooks are perfect for story ideas, random thoughts, grocery lists, and doodles all of which pop up in irregular  times. With all these notebooks I fill, it can get expensive to buy nice ones with the beautiful covers I love. That’s what inspired this project. I decided to find a way to make the cheap ones prettier and more personalized. To do this, I first went and bought a bunch on cheap notebooks at the dollar store. Then I got started with my task.

To start off,  you will need some paper. You can use any kind of paper; I tried many different mediums and all worked great. Comic book pages, scrapbooking paper, magazine clippings (especially National Geographic- the photography is always stunning), calendar pages, and even wrapping paper. Pick one that fits your style because it is going to be used as the cover. To make the cover, cut the paper sizing it slightly bigger than the notebook, enough to fold over the edges onto the backside.
Once you’ve sized your paper, begin gluing the paper to the notebook using modge podge. You can probably using regular glue, but I always prefer modge podge. After the paper has been glued to cover, fold over the edges that stick out and glue them to the backside of the cover.

notebook 11When your smoothing the edges folded over the backside of the cover, dab a bit of glue inside the edge flap so it will stay flat. Also, it’s important to make sure you smooth down any air bubbles.

notebook 12Once you’ve smoothed out any air bubbles, then you can let it dry and you will be done.

notebook 15

These notebooks are so easy to make! I made about fifty of them and love them. The notebooks turn out so pretty and are perfect for personalizing to be your own. I have also found these thing notebooks are great for gifts or presents in a pinch. If you make your own, I’d love to see pictures in the comments!

notebook 2

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