Tardis Sneakers

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Huzzah! I am so excited about these! I absolutely love geek fashion. But everything nerdy is extremely expensive. Because of that, I make my own. To make Tardis Shoes, I have been looking  for cheap shoes I could paint. I have been looking for AGES and I finally found them! They were a pair of white, kinda crappy sneakers that I got for $3. But they are perfect for painting. So I pulled out my fabric paint, and started designing them.

Because I’m too lazy to go to the store, I did not have white paint. So I put painter’s tape on the areas that needed to be white. The windows, edges of the bottoms, and top fringe, mainly. However, this means I wasn’t able to write the iconic words “police box”. I am looking for a white pen, and so far no one has noticed the mistake. But eventually I will find a white pen and add that in.

After covering the shoes with painter’s tape I pulled out the laces and started painting the shoes blue. The paint I used was florescent blue fabric paint. It is actually a much brighter color than the Tardis, but I thought it was a prettier color for shoes. So heck, poetic licence! Err, artistic licence.

For the windows, I worried about my ability to paint in detail. To solve this, I decided to use a black sharpie. It worked fairly well and helped hide my impairment with a paint brush. And that was basically it! Because the shoes have sharpie on them, you obviously won’t be able to wear them in the rain. I would use a cheap pair of sneakers in case you don’t like the way they turn out. I was extremely happy with mine. Like bouncy up and down and showing them off to all my friends. I got lots of compliments from fellow Whovians. :) If you are interested in looking at a more detailed tutorial here is a great link: http://cookingalamel.com/2013/04/tardis-sneakers-tutorial.html


If you make any shoes, let me know and post some pictures! I’d love to see how yours turned out!


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  1. Mike October 29, 2014 / 2:08 am

    This is super cool. I wonder if you can make star wars shoes using this technique?

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